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Mathematics is an intellectual activity, not a motor skill.
Delano P. Wegener, 2005


College-Algebra.Com is affiliated with DrDelMath.Com. Both are written, owned, and copyrighted by Delano P. Wegener, Ph.D. (DrDel) This website and all content contained herein is for those students who are truly interested in learning Algebra in College. College-Algebra.Com will be clearly different than most of the very many web sites which present algebra topics. This website will be based on correct mathematics and well established principles of learning and teaching.

Mathematics is an intellectual activity and is therefore learned by exercising the intellect. Once the mathematics has been learned, it may be used to answer questions from virtually every discipline or activity.

The content, presentation style, explanations, as well as frequent study advice will be designed to emphasize conceptual understanding of the relevant mathematics principles. A solid understanding of relevant mathematics is a necessary and sufficient condition to successfully use mathematics to answer questions and solve problems in other areas.

In the last 25 - 30 years the United States has gone from Number 1 to Number 25 (link) in a ranking of countries according to student's performance in mathematics. In the last 25 - 30 years mathematics education in the United States has become a motor skill type training activity based upon working thousands of insipid problems.






The teaching and learning theories employed on this website, and practiced for a lifetime by DrDel, are those well established and proven theories developed primarily by the the following cognitive scientists.

Dr. James H. Block Dr. Benjamin S. Bloom
Dr. John B. Carroll Dr. Robert M. Gagne
Dr. M. David Merrill  


Advice To The Student

Finding the answer is not your goal. Learning concepts, principles, and deductive reasoning is your primary goal. A secondary goal is to improve your ability to use concepts, principles, and deductive reasoning to answer a wide variety of questions both mathematical and non-mathematical.

My Pledge To The Student


The essay section of the website is a collection of essays (past, present, and future) about teaching and learning in general and in particular teaching and learning mathematics.


All the different instructional devices and their purpose.


I will strive to make College-Algebra.Com a state-of-the-art, standards compliant website, which passes all relevant W3C validation tests. Accessibility issues will be addressed to the best of my abilities.

College-Algebra.Com will be a dynamic mathematics education website, with interactive content designed to facilitate learning. To accomplish these goals the following languages, tools, and techniques will be used during development of College-Algebra.Com:

JavaScript PHP MySQL myPHPAdmin Dreamweaver
Antechinus WS_FTP SnagIt IrfanView FireFox
Internet Explorer MathType WebEQ MathML MathPlayer
MathSpeak MyMathLab MS PowerPoint MS WORD MS EXCEL


Posted the index.html page on Wednesday 13 AUG 2008.
Completed major revison of index pages and menus on 1 NOV 2008.

Because the goals set forth above are ambitious and will be developed by one man in his spare time it will undoubtedly take years to complete. Material will be added to the site when it is ready. That implies that during development some sections will contain more components than others. I will also use the index pages as planning documents. Therefore this site will usually have menu items that lead nowhere. I will do my best to mark them.

College-Algebra.Com will probably always be a work in progress.


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